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Math Help and Tips on Nearly Every Topic.? Of primary interest for high school students and high school teachers, but first year college students as well.? Now in college, have you forgotten graphing? How about calculus?


WIKIPEDIA is excellent for concise definition of terms in mathematics and physics, including very advanced topics such as String and M Theory, General Relativity and Topology.? Often a beginning student to a subject has trouble at the start of a course or topic as it is not yet clear what "things" are being dealt with in this course.? This takes you to the physics page but from there you can wander wherever you are led.



Dr. Math.? Presumably you can get specific questions answered in high school and college math.? We have not tested the quality of this site.?


College Calculus.? Useful if you are taking College Calculus and have misplaced your handbook with all those integral formulas, including all those trigonometric ones that are hard to remember.


The Physics of Nothing.? Theologians have long since implied that the Universe was created "from nothing."? Find out what Cosmology calls The Null Cosmos and what this says about "creation ex nihilo."



A Brief History of the Principle of Determinism.? Once an integral part of religious beliefs, it eventually fell out of favor with many.? It is the very foundation of Newtonian Mechanics but the concept started to ?get fuzzy? with the introduction of Quantum Mechanics.


Math World. Need concise definitions of super advanced mathematical terms as well as statements of corresponding theorems (without the full proofs in many cases)?? Once there, try finding out the difference between a "Homeomorphism" and a "Diffeomorphism" or a "Vector Bundle" and a "Fiber Bundle."


History of Physics.? One paragraph per year describing every development in physics from Max Plank (1901) to modern developments in String Theory.


Thinking About the Universe.? In case you are more of a philosopher-type, than a physics-type, but still like contemplating the Universe and your place within it, you might check out this site.


Videos on the most ?far out? topics in Cosmology and the Universe.