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Grade School Math

Classic problems submitted by students in Elementary Math classes.  You remember grade school math.  Right?  If not, after trying the solution yourself, an animated solution is presented so you won't be embarrassed.


Classic problem of Camels and Prime Numbers.  Specially designed to make your friends, whom you try it on, feel stupid for not getting the solution on their own.

Classic problem with Rates.  Anyone in business, construction or manufacturing is supposed to be able to compute simple rate problems since almost everything has a "rate"associated with it.  At least they are supposed to be able to compute such problems, until this one.  

A seeming elementary problem that demonstrates that even simple problems often do not fit the "plug in" equations you learned in high school or college and "inspiration" and "serendipity" are often required.

Telling Time.  Most of us learned to tell time on a clock by the Third or Fourth Grade.  This teaser will show your friends that they don't always know "what time IT is."

Probability.  While Algebra is hard for most folks, "now probability theory, whew, that's another matter!"  Yet knowing, and understanding, probabilities can be many more times useful than Algebra - it can even save your life.

With Math You Win.  Many games we play are highly mathematical and when you "know the math" you can increase your edge in the game.  With this one, understanding the math means you ALWAYS WIN.

The Power of Math.  Math is extremely powerful when combined with exponents, or powers of 10, called Scientific Notation.  With this it seems you can almost hold the Universe in your hands.